Ray’s Space: Revitalize your Bathroom

We can never get enough of bathroom stories. Everyone has their own style and taste on what makes their bathroom tick. Ray, an interior design specialist, shares how you can spice up your bathroom with simple accessories. Enjoy your tour:

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Exciting Storage Ideas for your Bathroom

We live at a time where a bathroom could easily become a living room. Here’s how to combine convenience and style in your bathroom storage.

Just yesterday, my friend Sylvia was telling me about how she would want to have more fun in her bathroom. Not that she wants to dance and play all day, but rather how she would incorporate decor that will both bring convenience and add a stylish ambiance.

I had no option but to think of all the ideas that would bring magic and life to Sylvia’s bathroom. After taking a trip on some of the ideas I have on my gallery (whenever I go for home shoots), I have come up with great ideas on how you can improve your bathroom with usable decor.

Many people have had storage issues in their bathrooms, whether they have a small or large bathroom. You either hear them complaining about not having enough space to store their blow-dryers, brushes, towels and even lotions. Here’s how to go about it:

Get stylish storage bottles


For storage of lotions and soap, you don’t have to use the branded containers that you buy them with. Instead, get some fancy looking storage containers like the ones above just to add some character into your space. You may get such containers from Mr. Price Homes and House of Leather.

Add personality to your racks


The rustic look has invaded many home nowadays. If you want your bathroom to look like this, just play around with your creative sense. This home-owner decided to include a wooden rack in his bathroom and gave it a rustic feel by painting it ‘Unfinished white.’ Add some colour by throwing in a magazine or two or a a bold colour like the orange tray above.

Store your towels on a well designed wooden stack


For a big bathroom, you don’t need to hang all your towels on the towel holder. Get a piece of wood like the one above and and place your white towels on it. The black and white contrast brings out elegance and class.

Incude a mirror and decor on your empty white sills


You will never go wrong with mirrors. This is especially when you have a tiny bathroom. Not only does it create an illusion of space, but also adds a playful reflection that will want you staying in the bathroom for longer. Add some scented candles and dry flowers on the sills and above the toilet just to add some pop of colour and relaxing mood.

Share with us your tips and tricks on how to store in style!