Lighting up your kid’s world

Proper decorative lighting for your child is becoming mandatory in kids’ spaces.


It’s really interesting how interior decoration is warming up to kids’ needs and wants. Kids’ lighting is one such great invention. Children’s lighting should illuminate their world in a wonderful, blissful way.

As lighting can make rooms appear bigger and more spacious, your child will not only enjoy this illusion, but also the idea of warmth, safety and a joyful mood in your home. The lighting will provide an essential ambiance for reading and homework assignments while accenting the room.

Kids’ lights courtesy of Niq Naq Interiors

During my day to day tours, I found a hub for such lighting products. Niq Naq interiors at Capital Center has a wide range of such for your kids. Coming in the shape of butterflies, pandas and even lady bags, you have the option of sticking them on your kids’ ceiling or even their walls.


  1. It is important that light switches are close enough to your child’s bed. This is to ensure that they can use the bedroom lights in case they want to use the bathroom.
  2. Harsh lighting is not a desirable environment for your kid and hence can interfere with their sleeping pattern. Ensure gentle, warmer lights, especially for a nursery.
  3. The best lighting products should include non-removable parts and non-toxic paints.




How to do the Terra decorative paint in elephant effect

The Terra decorative paint will provide you with the illusion of nature on your walls. Achieving the elephant effect is even more breathtaking.

Classic Mouldings has for a long time been my go to place for decorative paints. I had an opportunity to join one of their free training workshops and they gladly allowed me to make this tutorial on painting the Terra decorative paint in elephant effect.

Courtesy of Classic Mouldings


With the elephant effect, you achieve a natural texture of the elephant skin, hence a beautiful nature effect on your walls. I would recommend this on a focal wall in your living room especially behind your mounted TV. The contrast between the shining TV and the texture will be amazing!

Here’s a step by step guide on how to achieve the painting effect. Let’s Go!

Courtesy of Classic Mouldings

For the tools, you will need a steel trowel, a roller, sheet of paper and the Terra paint. The first step is to apply a white primer on your wall/surface. The board in this photo will work as our wall for this tutorial.

Courtesy of Classic Mouldings
Courtesy of Classic Mouldings

Using your steel trowel, apply your first thick coat, ensuring an even layer all through. Allow to dry, though not completely.

Courtesy of Classic Mouldings

Using the same trowel, apply the second coat to provide a much thicker layer. On this second layer is where the magic will happen!

Courtesy of Classic Mouldings

Once you have applied the Terra paint, crumple your plain paper until it is fully wrinkled, so as to achieve the elephant effect. Squeeze, Squeeze, Squeeze!


Courtesy of Classic Mouldings

When the paint is still wet, unroll your paper and slowly align it on top of the paint and evenly spread it with a roller, covering all the sides. Ensure that the paint does not fully dry, as it will be difficult to remove the paper.

Courtesy of Classic Mouldings

Finally, your end product looks like this once you remove the sheet of paper. You have therefore achieved your elephant effect using the Terra decorative paint!

Have you tried to paint DIY style before? Kindly share your experience in the comment section below.



Munaira Kids: Bringing Something to Kids’ Spaces

Shopping for the right kind of furniture for your kids can be daunting. However, Munaira Kids will create for you exactly what you are looking for, in style.

Children are part and parcel of joy in our lives. And your home should help you make the most of all the special moments you will have with your child.

Munaira kids furniture

Munaira kids is a one stop shop that has tapped into the niche of custom made kids furniture, creating quality products that in the end provide you and your child comfort and happiness.


Munaira kids furniture

From baby cribs, to toy boxes and even bicycle stands, Sylvia Kitua, co-founder of the company, is a thorough designer who ensures that each product is up to date with the current trend and the client’s expectations.

Munaira kids furniture

As for the toy boxes, beds and cribs, they use Medium Density Fiber wood with a combination of Cypress. Sometimes they go out of their way to use mahogany, depending on the client’s request.

Munaira kids furniture

Other products range from dressers, nursing chairs, study tables and storage units.

Munaira kids furniture


  1. Consider the budget: Decide on how much you want to spend and work with the amount of money you have set for that.
  2. Children’s opinion: Never discriminate any idea brought to you by your child about their likes and dislikes. If they are old enough, engage them too so as to earn ownership and satisfaction. However, don’t let them have it all!
  3. Children’s age: Unlike adult’s furniture, purchasing children’s furniture is different. This is because kids will grow. You will therefore need to confirm if you will want to purchase furniture for your 5 year old, which will take them through to teenage-hood. This also totally depends with your budget and amount of space available in your home.
  4. Child Themes: Always play around with creativity in your space. Find out what your child loves and go with it. A child’s room should be fun and attractive. If your children love colour, purchase colourful chairs.
  5. Unexpected Changes: Children grow very first and can also add weight unexpectedly. Consider that the furniture has allowances for this. This will ensure safety.

For Munaira Kids’ Furniture:

Call:+254 735 539 868 to find out more

Facebook page: Munaira Kids Furniture



The new era of porcelain signs

Porcelain Advertising Signs are today a great revival in the walls of our homes.

I have always wondered where to get these precious antique-like decor for the walls. They invite a vintage feel to the rest of the home, taking you centuries back when the afro was the in thing and the waistline was a major issue.

Niq naq interiors

From the 1880s to the 1950s,This had been the most popular form of outdoor advertising  being that they were durable and weather-resistant.

Originating from Germany and touching base in the United States in the 1890s, The porcelain signs, which are also known as enamel signs were created using powdered glass that were combined, colour by colour, onto a sheet of rolled iron, which was then cut into various shapes.

Niq naq interiors

They were mainly fixed on walls, while some were double sided and could be changed from time to time.

Niq naq interiors

What made them so catchy is that they featured bold colours and graphics, producing attention-getting advertisement from everything like alcohol, tiles, sodas and even motor-vehicles. Not forgetting some that carried with them hilarious messages filled with ridcicule.

Niq naq interiors

In case you have been searching for them in all kinds of shops, try the Niq Naq Interiors shop in Capital Centre, along Mombasa Road. You will get a wide range of designs that will add hype to your space!

NB: Porcelain images from Niq Naq Interiors

Visit them on facebook: NIQNAQ





Homemade Chandeliers and lamp-shades

Get to know how you can apply creativity into making your own chandeliers and lamp-shades

If there are 2 things that finally brought life to the plain ceilings, it was the chandelier and the lamp-shade. We keep on visiting stores to find out which ones are fit for our spaces. However, There’s something really satisfying about having to create an object with your own 2 hands. No wonder you can step into a home and be marveled at a lampshade made out of a sufuria or interestingly enough, a gourd.

During my normal home tours, I have come across lamp-shades that were never even near my thoughts. Check these out:

Lamp shade made out of aluminum sufuria
Lamp shade made out of plastic bowl
Lamp-shade with an industrial touch

I also went round the internet and got some images from to illustrate just how you can get your fingers dirty and end up with a gem!

CHAN DIY 9 lampshade made out of plastic spoons
CHAN DIY 7 lampshade made out of a drum set
CHAN DIY 5 lamp shade made out of hats
CHAN DIY 4 lampshade made out of cups
CHAN DIY 2 lampshade made out of spoons
CHAN DIY 1 lampshade made out of graters

So if you may, have fun and decorate with blissful odd ideas that will just turn your space into wooooow!





‘Cat-ifying your apartment’

Sometimes we have to compromise a lot when it comes to things we really love. How about giving your cat a desirable stay in your little home?

It’s funny how I get article ideas from my friends’ experiences each and every day. However, this may sound a little off, but important to all those cat lovers and cat owners…yes, there’s a difference.


Very often you may find a pet in someone’s home and a cat is one of them. That’s if they neither own a dog nor any strange un-domestic pet. One problem though, is how you can both spend a happy living together in your little space, in the most inexpensive way, without stepping on the others toes.

If you have a cat, consider a cat friendly home. First and foremost know whether your cat is a tree dweller or ground dweller. While the tree dweller will always be fascinated by height, the ground dweller is usually just fine on the floor.

Compromise is key. If they are fond of laying on a certain shelf and how ever much you try you just can’t keep them off it, the truth is you definitely won’t win this battle. Instead, you could declutter a section that they can clearly lay on and move your precious things to the side.


You could also entice them with a spot so that they don’t interfere with your things. Cats love spending their moments on window sills. If you don’t have a large window to accommodate them, try screwing a board or wooden floating shelf into the top of the sill.



To prevent damage through scratching and climbing, try wrapping beams, table legs, or whatever you have in sisal or sturdy rope .

Try hanging dangling things wherever you can. For example, if you have a storage shelf that reaches the floor, avoid the last shelf to leave space for your ground dwelling cat.



For you who has a tree-dweller, Invest in a cat tree….You may get your nearest carpenter to make one for you at an affordable price. This will enable them to have fun jumping up and down without interfering with your space.

Lastly, remember your cats were first and foremost animals before they became your pets. Learn to play with them and give them the space they so deserve. You can only do so much!

Share with me your journey into cat-ifying your home!




2 Reasons you will need a chalkboard wall

Chalkboard walls are becoming a trend in homes today. Apart from adding an aesthetic value, they come in handy in so many ways!

  1. For your kitchen daily updates:

When I visited Eddie Kirindo’s home for the Drum Magazine Decor feature, his kitchen was a wonderful destination that took me almost half an hour, marveling at his creative sense.

chalkboard in kitchen

Among the intriguing visuals was the chalkboard wall that clearly portrayed his beautiful handwriting about the day’s menu. Being a man from the Coast, you can’t judge the fact that he has admiration for words and Swahili sayings. Kenya is a Swahili speaking country and yet I couldn’t even define his Swahili menu when he asked me. This painfully ended with a mocking laughter from him.

If you can try, translate the following menu: Mchaichai, Parachichi and Tikiti Tamu. Don’t say I didn’t share with you the challenge!

Chalkboard in Kitchen

Other than just the menu, a chalkboard wall allows you to jot information down when you are receiving a phone call and there’s no pen and paper around. Hence making your work extremely easy!

Chalkboard in dining area

You could also motivate your family with a quote of the day every time.

 2.They are child friendly:


If you are a parent, you must have sung the common song of ‘Don’t write on my walls!’ The bad news is, your child might not warm up to this song immediately. As the parent, you will have to adjust in a creative way. Instead of having a wide area of chalkboard paint for you child to learn his writing, why not have chalkboard paint decals on specific areas in the living room, if not their room. Here, you will have enabled a win-win situation: They learn to scribble, you maintain the rest of your walls!


Just ensure you put them on a level they can easily reach and watch as they utilize their inner creativity!

NB: Call ahead and confirm that writable and erasable latex chalkboard paint is in stock at your local hardware store. You may have to request your retailer to order it for you.