‘Cat-ifying your apartment’

Sometimes we have to compromise a lot when it comes to things we really love. How about giving your cat a desirable stay in your little home?


It’s funny how I get article ideas from my friends’ experiences each and every day. However, this may sound a little off, but important to all those cat lovers and cat owners…yes, there’s a difference.


Very often you may find a pet in someone’s home and a cat is one of them. That’s if they neither own a dog nor any strange un-domestic pet. One problem though, is how you can both spend a happy living together in your little space, in the most inexpensive way, without stepping on the others toes.

If you have a cat, consider a cat friendly home. First and foremost know whether your cat is a tree dweller or ground dweller. While the tree dweller will always be fascinated by height, the ground dweller is usually just fine on the floor.

Compromise is key. If they are fond of laying on a certain shelf and how ever much you try you just can’t keep them off it, the truth is you definitely won’t win this battle. Instead, you could declutter a section that they can clearly lay on and move your precious things to the side.


You could also entice them with a spot so that they don’t interfere with your things. Cats love spending their moments on window sills. If you don’t have a large window to accommodate them, try screwing a board or wooden floating shelf into the top of the sill.



To prevent damage through scratching and climbing, try wrapping beams, table legs, or whatever you have in sisal or sturdy rope .

Try hanging dangling things wherever you can. For example, if you have a storage shelf that reaches the floor, avoid the last shelf to leave space for your ground dwelling cat.



For you who has a tree-dweller, Invest in a cat tree….You may get your nearest carpenter to make one for you at an affordable price. This will enable them to have fun jumping up and down without interfering with your space.

Lastly, remember your cats were first and foremost animals before they became your pets. Learn to play with them and give them the space they so deserve. You can only do so much!

Share with me your journey into cat-ifying your home!




2 Reasons you will need a chalkboard wall

Chalkboard walls are becoming a trend in homes today. Apart from adding an aesthetic value, they come in handy in so many ways!

  1. For your kitchen daily updates:

When I visited Eddie Kirindo’s home for the Drum Magazine Decor feature, his kitchen was a wonderful destination that took me almost half an hour, marveling at his creative sense.

chalkboard in kitchen

Among the intriguing visuals was the chalkboard wall that clearly portrayed his beautiful handwriting about the day’s menu. Being a man from the Coast, you can’t judge the fact that he has admiration for words and Swahili sayings. Kenya is a Swahili speaking country and yet I couldn’t even define his Swahili menu when he asked me. This painfully ended with a mocking laughter from him.

If you can try, translate the following menu: Mchaichai, Parachichi and Tikiti Tamu. Don’t say I didn’t share with you the challenge!

Chalkboard in Kitchen

Other than just the menu, a chalkboard wall allows you to jot information down when you are receiving a phone call and there’s no pen and paper around. Hence making your work extremely easy!

Chalkboard in dining area

You could also motivate your family with a quote of the day every time.

 2.They are child friendly:

From houzz.com

If you are a parent, you must have sung the common song of ‘Don’t write on my walls!’ The bad news is, your child might not warm up to this song immediately. As the parent, you will have to adjust in a creative way. Instead of having a wide area of chalkboard paint for you child to learn his writing, why not have chalkboard paint decals on specific areas in the living room, if not their room. Here, you will have enabled a win-win situation: They learn to scribble, you maintain the rest of your walls!

From kosip.org

Just ensure you put them on a level they can easily reach and watch as they utilize their inner creativity!

NB: Call ahead and confirm that writable and erasable latex chalkboard paint is in stock at your local hardware store. You may have to request your retailer to order it for you.



Small Homes Big Minds

Did you know that books and magazines can be part and parcel of great decor and design within your home?

I recently walked into my friend’s home and visited the bedroom. Brenda is the perfect definition of a book-worm and a Wine chic! Perfect combination for a home-body.

As much as she consistently dreams of owning a winery someday, one thing for sure is that she already has a library.

However, her books and magazines are all over the place and I thought she needed some help cause you definitely can’t know it all, let alone having it all.

Magazines placed on top of a storage foot stool

So looking at the market place, we had to consider just how organized we can get at a fair price. We also had to deal with our own creative mind to see how talented we can get in this book-arranging-spree.

Books placed on an antique tray

What we don’t realize is that books can be great accessories even for your small home, as long as they are arranged well and in style.

Books placed in racks built on a wall

The good news is, there are tons of furniture for bookworms out there. Some you can DIY and some you can purchase.

Books placed on a metallic stand

If you think placing your books and magazines in one place is the best thing to do, you could also consider throwing them bits by bits into different corners of your home, like the toilet shelf, dining shelf or even on your living room table.

Magazine placed on a rustic storage shelf in the bathroom

If not, you can just arrange them as a stack on your bedroom wall to create colour and class.books-colorful-harry-potter

Lastly, if you think you want to impress your visitors on how you are well read and can’t have all the space to display your literature, you could build a book illusion in your space by buying a wooden frame that has book images mounted on it.

Hardwood frame with images of books

Give us great ideas of how well you have kept your books!

Time will always tell

Time is such a great factor in our lives that it plays a major role in our various spaces.

Time has always told of our pressures and treasures in life. Hastening toward the 21st century, we’re more pressured than ever before. So how is it that we can make the best of our time or at least make time more beautiful?


Since the 14th century, the mechanical clocks have made the tick tock in each moment of our lives. The long-case clock, otherwise known as a tall or hall-clock, originated in England (though designed by a Dutchman) in 1958.


What you didn’t know is that in the 1880s, a popular American song gave it a long standing nickname, ‘grandfather.’ And no clock has ever lent such solidity, comfort and grace to our frantic lives.


A month ago, I walked into 2 beautiful homes, each portraying its own personality through time telling. While Flavour’s cabinet was packed with executive watches from far and wide, Eddie’s home was decorated with antique clocks that well suited his rustic vintage style.



Growing up, I remember taking visits with my mum into people’s homes, be it for a friend or relative and what always intrigued me was the long hanging alarm clocks on the wall. I always told mum that we needed a clock like that in the house, but I guess they were either quite expensive at the time or that wasn’t just her style.


Part of a clock’s charm lies in its appearance, which was not the idea that came to mind with clock-makers in the past. We can’t forget the rain gods and fortune tellers who always referred to the moon or sun to tell the time. Yes, we applaud their accuracy at the time.


As seasons come and go, we get reminders on how we have spent them, regardless of the size, sophistication or durability of the gadgets that tell us. But be classy!

Vibrant Walls

‘Whatever you have in your rooms think first of the walls for they are that which makes your house and home, and if you do not make some sacrifices in their favour you will find your chambers have a kind of makeshift, lodging-house look about them…’ William Morris.

For a long time, wallpapers have been considered a background element for different spaces. Today, they are quickly becoming the center stage of eclectic decor within our homes and offices.



They are appearing everywhere, from the most Spartan of apartments to the most fashionable lounge bars in Nairobi.


The main attraction of the wall paper is that it is a relatively creative way to change your environment quickly and add individuality to your space, as well as stylistic vision.


The choice of wall paper affects mood and style in a room, influencing the choice of other furnishings. It could as well reflect age, gender and even status, depending on what you choose to go for.

Wall paper by Wall Coverings KE

Wall Coverings KE is a premium company in East Africa, that supply designs ranging from plain single coloured to sophisticated patterns, depending on one’s preference. A particular design can have 5 different textures and each design comes in 2-6 different colours. Not to mention, they are Vinyl eco-friendly high quality wall-papers.

Wall paper by Wall Coverings KE

One disadvantage of wall-papers, and hence a poor relation of the decorative arts is that they have been considered to be fragile and thus a short life-span. For this, it has become a metaphor for dishonesty, as opposed to the secure and lasting, and for the valuing appearance over substance.


However, Wall Coverings KE products are durable and last to over 15-20 years without fading, hence maintaining elegance throughout the years.

Wall paper by Wall Coverings KE

If you are looking for Mural art designs that are inspired by nature and famous paintings, you will get an amazing supply from them too, custom-made just for you.


In case you have a single room that you want to make interesting, you may consider hunting for some wall-paper for your 4 walls.

For great supplies:

Visit Wall Coverings KE: https://web.facebook.com/wallcoveringsKE/?fref=ts





Send the light to your home and you will forever enjoy bright days!

We all say ‘Sending you light’, Love and laughter!

What is the essence of light, it is a timeless factor in very many aspects of our interior spaces. Light has been in various spaces to evoke different feelings.


In this instance I am speaking of natural light. Envision this, a room filled with morning light on a Saturday morning to greet you and welcome the day. The smell of bacon and eggs and having them in a spacious room as you start the day filled with light.

So how to we maximize the natural God given gift?


We can do this by choosing houses that have huge windows that allow in generous amounts of light.

And because huge chunks of glass could be very expensive, we can choose to also segregate small windows on the same wall.


We can also have adjacent windows in the same room.  Feel free to play with the shape of your window and the texture of the glass. Whether smooth or a bit rough as long as its lets in the light.

In other instances you can play with your drapes and curtains so that it can filter in the amount of light you have in our space, so the drapes can be chiffon fabric (which are in right now) let me just acknowledge that we don’t all like the same things.


Have you ever thought of playing with strategic hanging of mirrors adjacent to our windows or on our staircases? It creates an illusion of more natural light when it is reflected.


I have plenty more tips, but that will come very soon, for now these are the easier ways of increasing the size of your rooms by using natural light. Might I say its pocket friendly! What tips do you guys use, let me know!


Pallet Palace

Wooden pallet furniture is the in thing for the DIY and rustic lovers. It could also be a great choice for a simple creative crib.

I remember having a conversation with my friend about our desired type of furniture while moving out. First of all, it’s not like we had all the money in the world, but one thing we had in common was that we both loved style and had creative minds.


So just how could we get a stylish home at a low budget, with rich creativity? She suggested, wooden pallet furniture. I guess she got this inspiration from a friend whom she once visited.

I then remembered that at the time, our office balcony had some white wooden pallets with colourful cushions on top.


But then again, I had to think of where to get the raw materials from. I remembered that Lower Kabete road usually has some raw pallets on display. Jogoo Road, near Buruburu also have a lot of wooden pallets along the road. If you also take time to go to Gikomba market, you may just get some at the lowest price possible.


Wooden pallets are usually fit for outdoor designs. However, they do just fine when indoors too. They are also a great passion for DIY (Do it yourself) lovers.


You may just have a 6 by 6 bed made of wooden pallets 100% and sleep like the dream King or Queen you have always imagined yourself to be.


How about a fine wine cabinet in your kitchen? You may choose to go for this rustic look and live life to the fullest!


In case you have toddlers in your home and you just don’t want them jumping all around the seats in your home, you could create for them some wooden pallet seats which are more comfortable and easier to access for a kid.


So if you are thinking of some creativity within your home and you don’t have all that money for expensive luxurious furniture, the wooden pallets might just get you more visitors in your crib!

Way to go Rachael, and get your wooden pallet palace!