Send the light to your home and you will forever enjoy bright days!


We all say ‘Sending you light’, Love and laughter!

What is the essence of light, it is a timeless factor in very many aspects of our interior spaces. Light has been in various spaces to evoke different feelings.


In this instance I am speaking of natural light. Envision this, a room filled with morning light on a Saturday morning to greet you and welcome the day. The smell of bacon and eggs and having them in a spacious room as you start the day filled with light.

So how to we maximize the natural God given gift?


We can do this by choosing houses that have huge windows that allow in generous amounts of light.

And because huge chunks of glass could be very expensive, we can choose to also segregate small windows on the same wall.


We can also have adjacent windows in the same room.  Feel free to play with the shape of your window and the texture of the glass. Whether smooth or a bit rough as long as its lets in the light.

In other instances you can play with your drapes and curtains so that it can filter in the amount of light you have in our space, so the drapes can be chiffon fabric (which are in right now) let me just acknowledge that we don’t all like the same things.


Have you ever thought of playing with strategic hanging of mirrors adjacent to our windows or on our staircases? It creates an illusion of more natural light when it is reflected.


I have plenty more tips, but that will come very soon, for now these are the easier ways of increasing the size of your rooms by using natural light. Might I say its pocket friendly! What tips do you guys use, let me know!


Pallet Palace

Wooden pallet furniture is the in thing for the DIY and rustic lovers. It could also be a great choice for a simple creative crib.

I remember having a conversation with my friend about our desired type of furniture while moving out. First of all, it’s not like we had all the money in the world, but one thing we had in common was that we both loved style and had creative minds.


So just how could we get a stylish home at a low budget, with rich creativity? She suggested, wooden pallet furniture. I guess she got this inspiration from a friend whom she once visited.

I then remembered that at the time, our office balcony had some white wooden pallets with colourful cushions on top.


But then again, I had to think of where to get the raw materials from. I remembered that Lower Kabete road usually has some raw pallets on display. Jogoo Road, near Buruburu also have a lot of wooden pallets along the road. If you also take time to go to Gikomba market, you may just get some at the lowest price possible.


Wooden pallets are usually fit for outdoor designs. However, they do just fine when indoors too. They are also a great passion for DIY (Do it yourself) lovers.


You may just have a 6 by 6 bed made of wooden pallets 100% and sleep like the dream King or Queen you have always imagined yourself to be.


How about a fine wine cabinet in your kitchen? You may choose to go for this rustic look and live life to the fullest!


In case you have toddlers in your home and you just don’t want them jumping all around the seats in your home, you could create for them some wooden pallet seats which are more comfortable and easier to access for a kid.


So if you are thinking of some creativity within your home and you don’t have all that money for expensive luxurious furniture, the wooden pallets might just get you more visitors in your crib!

Way to go Rachael, and get your wooden pallet palace!


Chest Buffets: Versatile Pieces

From antique to modern style, Chest buffets can be the perfect pieces for versatility within your home.

I have always wondered where to get chest buffets and intricate treasure boxes. On my way to the Asia International expo last weekend at the Sarit Centre, I fortunately stumbled upon a great sale at the Kashmir Arts shop on ground floor.


To tell you the truth, I was spoiled for choice. I was with my friend and she couldn’t help but join me in amazement. Designed with genuine strong wood and with a detailed touch to each piece, I thought for a moment that I was a ‘Merchant in Venice.’


The old-painted ones portray a country look, fit for a traditional style for your home. If you are going for a more sophisticated approach, you may consider the elaborate carved mahogany pieces.

The most interesting thing about this type of furniture is that it can almost fit well just in any room. Place it in your bedroom and you will have a dressing table to store all your makeup and scents. Take it to the living or dining room and it will be perfect for your decor samples like treasured china from all around the world. Not to mention, a few of your portraits too.


It could also be a perfect statement piece on the entry way, completed with an aquarium jar on top, to make your visitors yearning for more beauty and elegance in your home.




So whether you want to go contemporary, traditional, eclectic or modern, the chest buffet is a timeless piece that cuts across culture and time.In short, you can play around with it as much as you like!




Taupe on Top!

Taupe is a surprise colour that comprises of elegance and subtlety.

One of the most amazing things about featuring homes is that you stumble upon surprises. Its interesting how every home has its own personality and cheer, with colours and style that complete the overall look of the home, as well as character.


Taupe shade on draperies and seats

The Taupe shade of colour is something I just came across recently. It was on long draperies that touched the wooden floor of the living room, matching well with cream sheers, and hence allowing just enough light into the living room.

Taupe shades on carpet and bed

If you want to go for a subtle accent colour, a plush of taupe would be one of the great choices for your room. It also allows in a traditional style with coziness sprinkling all over your space.

Taupe shade on curtains and walls


Taupe is well combined with cream shades on your walls and the neutrality can be broken by warm hues of burnt orange, crimson and even yellow on your decor or upholstery.

It could also be a perfect colour for your office, if you want a serious but classy space.

Taupe shade on draperies and seats

You could get your taupe draperies and upholstery from the Tile and carpet centre and Mr. Price Home. When you have the time to visit a local open market, you may just get lucky!




Re-using your old cushions

Normally when you are re-designing your seats, you will think about getting rid of old cushions. However, this does not have to be the case.

During my normal home shoots, I stumbled upon finely revamped cushions at a bachelor’s house.

Covered with Maasai Kikois and striped red and white pillows, the creative idea would strike you for a place of comfort and kid’s play.

Have a look at some of the re-used cushions below:





Pillow Talk

Beautiful words are not only found in great books and people’s mouths, try some pillows too!

Anytime I come across written pillows, I think of comfort with a message. What if you had a bed with pillows that can give you a real bed time story? Or some on your seats that describe just how awesome life can be.



With vintage looks and a historical narration, you can never get enough from written pillows. Here are a few I came across.




So next time you feel the need for some pillow talk, go grab some to add some company to your rooms!

White Magic!

All white doesn’t have to be boring. You just need an artistic sense to bring the white magic into your space.

Every splurge of colour invites an amazing ambience on any space. However, white walls have a reason they were first in existence. You may think that white lacks, soul, character or personality, but playful white can just be what you are missing in your living room or office.


If you read the book, Chromophobia, by David Batchelor, you see how white came into play historically. His thesis is that ‘colourfulness’ has traditionally been seen as inferior, the feminine, the vulgar, relegating it to feminism, colonialism and even sexism. But this is note the case here.


Going the ‘minimalist’ way according to some people also shares in a lot of elegance and art. If your walls are all white, your wall hangings and furniture can be the saving grace to colour in your home.


Improve your home with white today and you will never go astray!