History with Jimmy: Roman Architecture

Last week we tackled the Greek architecture in our historical series. Today, Jimmy gives you a transition into the Roman architecture, which spilled off from the Greek architecture. Inventors of intricate arched constructions.

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Being a maximalist: ‘More is more’

“Maximalist style is all about being a collector of things ― create a closet of curiosities.”

As far as I can remember, we have moved from maximalist, to minimalist, and considering maximalist again. Whenever one in-vogue style begins to fade from the public eye, its polar opposite is always quietly waiting in the wings, ready for its own shining moment.

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History with Jimmy: A taste of Greek Architecture

Greece has not only been considered as the cradle of Western civilization, but also a trend setter in architecture and interior design. Jimmy, as usual in his historical series, tells us why we need to appreciate designs that have come all the way from Greece.

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Contemporary African Look for your Space, by Edel Quine

Edel Quine is an Interior designer whose managed to get the perfect niche in African decor. She’s currently in management for interior styling and visual merchandising for home decor showroom and stores. Have a look at how diligently she plays around with African inspired decor in these spaces.

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Ray’s Space: Small Bedroom Decor

Many a times all you want is to spend the rest of the weekend in your tiny bedroom. That’s why you need to add in special touches that are inviting as well as comfortable enough to give you both a dose of rest and elegance. Ray tells you just what you can do with your small bedroom.

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History with Jimmy: Makuti Roofing

One of the interesting things about design is the combination of traditional and contemporary aspects. I am sure you have come across hotels, restaurants and serviced apartments, like the Kings Post, with a makuti fling to add in a mix of nature and luxury. Jimmy shares with you the Makuti story, a popular coastal element.

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