Contemporary African Look for your Space, by Edel Quine

Edel Quine is an Interior designer whose managed to get the perfect niche in African decor. She’s currently in management for interior styling and visual merchandising for home decor showroom and stores. Have a look at how diligently she plays around with African inspired decor in these spaces.

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History with Jimmy: Makuti Roofing

One of the interesting things about design is the combination of traditional and contemporary aspects. I am sure you have come across hotels, restaurants and serviced apartments, like the Kings Post, with a makuti fling to add in a mix of nature and luxury. Jimmy shares with you the Makuti story, a popular coastal element.

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Ray’s Space: Revitalize your Bathroom

We can never get enough of bathroom stories. Everyone has their own style and taste on what makes their bathroom tick. Ray, an interior design specialist, shares how you can spice up your bathroom with simple accessories. Enjoy your tour:

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History with Jimmy: Swahili Furniture

Swahili is one of the rich cultures in Eastern Africa. Not only has the language crossed borders but also aspects of art and design that have inspired various spaces in Kenya and beyond. Let’s take a look at the history behind this awesomeness.

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Store Review: Experience Swahili in Nairobi at the King’s Post

The East African Coast has greatly inspired a state of the art service apartment in Nairobi. Kings Post is indeed a palatial property, greatly designed with intricate Arabic interior details, which will leave you relaxed and at the same time marveled.Let’s have a look inside.

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History with Jimmy: Pre-Historic Art

Marcus Garvey once said “A people without the knowledge of their past history, origin and culture is like a tree without roots.” Once again, Jimmy Luvinzu enlightens us with great history that inspires hilarious designs and decor in our spaces today.

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