Cool Office Spaces

Robert Greene once said that ‘Creativity is a combination of discipline and a child-like spirit.’This is exactly what we are seeing in our office interiors today. As a way to highlight how to use and design your office space in a whole new way that helps foster creativity among employees, Nada to Prada will be showing you some of Nairobi’s fascinating office spaces.

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Visual Technology is Simplifying Decor

Gone are the days when my mother would call a fundi home to make a piece of furniture and we would open up a whole huge album or catalogue to pick out the design that would suit our home.

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Some Vintage Decor?

Do you have that piece of decor in your home that just stirs up History and memories? Niqnaq interiors is one such store that houses almost all the kinds of vintage decor you need for your home. Take a look at some of the niceties they have for you. It’s up to you to decide whether you will make good use of them or they will be perfectly displayed for your eye candy.

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History with Jimmy: Modern Style

As we wind up on our Historical series in architecture, we crown it all with the modernism that captivates our eyes every single day. From the Burj Khalifas to the Eiffel tower, Jimmy takes us through this very important architectural style.

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