Ray’s Space: Small Bedroom Decor

Many a times all you want is to spend the rest of the weekend in your tiny bedroom. That’s why you need to add in special touches that are inviting as well as comfortable enough to give you both a dose of rest and elegance. Ray tells you just what you can do with your small bedroom.


Colours Bedroom2

Colours Bedroom



While dark colors will make a small room look even smaller, white will make the room appear larger. Go ahead and add a complementary color (blue, grey, green ) to break the white.

Furniture Bedroom


As much as you must lay on your 6 by 6 bed, furniture layout in a small space is crucial. Work with space saving furniture. A big bed in a small room will look too cramped, so get a small bed that will balance out the room. It’s just but a temporary fix, so don’t you worry.

Focal point Bedroom3

 Focal Point

Just like in any other room, creating a focal point in the bedroom brings out the attractiveness and beauty of the room. You can have an accent wall, wall art, mirror even the bed can be a focal point depending on how you decorate it.

Focal point Bedroom2

Storage Ottoman Bedroom


Separate closets and suitcases can be a bit all over the space. Get space saving furniture that can be multi-functional. For example, have an ottoman that you can store clothes or books and when closed it can be a seat.

Windows Bedroom

Windows Bedroom2

 Window Treatment

We know just how much layering can be addictive. Avoid layering and have simple and light drapery that allows enough natural light to enter through during the day. You will also get free-flowing air easily in your room.

Lighting Bedroom2

LightingTablestand Bedroom

 Lighting fixtures

Perfect lighting always goes a long way. A good way to light the the room is to have hanging lights. For example, pendant lights are beautiful, whether you have one or in a group. Another option is having a table lamp that doesn’t take up too much space. It will also add more light in a small space.

Beddings Bedroom2

Beddings Bedroom

Soft furnishing

How do you make the bed more inviting? Dress up the bed by layering. The duvet doesn’t have to be plain. Play around with different textures and patterns. Have standard and decorative throw pillows the more the better but please don’t overdo it. It all depends on the size of the bed, go with 4-6 pillows.

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