Ray’s Space: Revitalize your Bathroom

We can never get enough of bathroom stories. Everyone has their own style and taste on what makes their bathroom tick. Ray, an interior design specialist, shares how you can spice up your bathroom with simple accessories. Enjoy your tour:


Flowers & Plants

Plants always make any space come alive. Place them in your bathroom and the air will be purified, as your space brightens up. You can have them in a vase or even a clear recycled bottle of wine, to add in some elegance and glam. The best places to have the flowers and plants are on top of the counter, next to the sink or even on top of the water closet.

Indoor-Bathroom Photo

Wall Art/Photo Frames

Add some vibrancy to your bathroom walls with a photo frame or wall art. Place small  photo frames on top of the counter, which is also a unique way to decorate bathroom spaces.



Decorative Mirrors

Be bold and get decorative mirrors, plain mirrors are too boring, right? Depending on the space, you can have large and medium sized mirrors in the bathroom.

Mirrors will brighten the space and they will also create an illusion of space especially in a tiny bathroom.

Indoor-Bathroom Essentials


Get cute and fancy storage containers for lotions, toothpaste and toothbrushes. Large clear jars for bathing essentials will make the bathroom to look stylish and also to reduce clutter.

Indoor-Bathroom Candles


Having scented candles will give your bathroom a clean and refreshing aroma. For small bathrooms having heavy scented candles might not work, it’s better to work with light ones or non-scented candles.


Author: odoloyce

I love style!

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