Store Review: Experience Swahili in Nairobi at the King’s Post

The East African Coast has greatly inspired a state of the art service apartment in Nairobi. Kings Post is indeed a palatial property, greatly designed with intricate Arabic interior details, which will leave you relaxed and at the same time marveled.Let’s have a look inside.

Every culture has a different style, but with globalization, the world looks closer and closer and you already can see inspiration from different cultures in several countries. What makes this even better is that you can combine this ethnic concept all under one roof. This is the case with Kings Post, a family run, and fully furnished stylish property with interiors fully inspired by 5 different cultures namely, Swahili, Portuguese, Arabic, Indian and British.

swahili king post 4

What stands out mainly is an Arabic Swahili feel that brings the Coast closer to the Capital city. From the detailed carved wooden door with a vintage metallic decoration to the high rustic ceilings, only the ocean would be the missing link to a complete holiday at the coast.

Also known as the Swahili Village, Kings Post is a true state of the art unique architectural synthesis between the East African Coast and the lands across the Indian Ocean. Drum meets with Mr. Chan, who is behind the design of such an appealing concept. “It’s about making people comfortable where they live. So whoever comes finds something they can easily relate to from their culture and where they come from.”

swahili king post 5

The amazing different textures, unusual colour combinations and complex motifs are a challenge to work with. However, humble Mr. Chan claims it took him 2 years to achieve this look, between the 2007-2008 tragic years of elections in Kenyan History. Not even this could stop him from designing an executive luxury property that stands as a village within a city. “The Coastal design will make you feel like you are in the Coast, relaxed on a long holiday. You will relieve stress from work, always coming back to a holiday.”

Arabic culture boasts of lovely patterns and lively colours and fabrics. This is seen on the seats and mats displayed keenly around the house, not forgetting the curtains and interesting wall hangings that just provide you with an irresistible stare.

swahili king post

The warm colours in the living room are a mix and match hues on the warm side of the colour wheel, mainly golden, deep red, burnt orange and crimson, providing you with the warm and welcoming ambience that will automatically make you kick off your shoes and fold your arms around your neck.

The roughly designed walls take you centuries back, with an unfinished look that is so timeless and chic. Leading you to the bedrooms are the Indian mats, allowing you a royal entry in to the world of peace and quiet. Here, the beautiful craftsmanship of the vintage wall cabinets could just be your first destruction, if not the neatly spread heavenly beds with the Arabic statement colours, red and gold, which inject colourful energy into the space.

swahili king post 3

The marriage of concepts in this interior design gives birth to a contemporary design that still makes you marvel at history. Asked whether he needed to travel the world and seven seas in order to gather inspiration from the different cultures, Mr. Chan says “You just need to go to one place and find everything, the East African Coast.” He further explains that its history of trade and colonization played a big role in transforming and fusing all these designs in the area. “Whoever came did not demolish what they found. They simply started their bit and added in their style. You find one building would have a lot of mixtures form different cultures.”

The Swahili culture is very rich and eclectic due to the influences of Arabs and Southern Europe. The beauty about it is that it comprises of this complicated beauty that age well over time. This is because their aesthetics are nature inspired and materials used are sustainable, such as marble, leather and hard-wood, which is a key feature in Swahili designs.

Decorative arts and detailed ornaments is also a key factor in any Arabic home, thus the artwork and souvenirs that find their way on the tables and corners of the house. The chandelier in the living room and bedrooms is an essential furniture piece on any Arabic room. They provide a striking appearance, breaking the monotony of the ruffed up ceiling.

The mixed prints on the upholstery creates what seems a confused ambiance, but at the same time, very rich and powerful, which leaves you relaxed and thoughtful at the same time, not forgetting the extravagant furniture with unique details that make you think you are entering a palace.

Asked what he wanted to achieve with this great concept, the father of two says, “Whoever comes in should feel that they are home. We don’t want it really to be like a hotel, but we want to create a home atmosphere which will make people keep on coming back for more.” He also reveals that one of the longest staying clients has been around for almost four years.

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